Jan 17, 2023Liked by Jade Ann Rivera, Ed.D.

You wrote about learning systems driven by “unconscious bias in favor of authoritarian, hierarchical, and deficit-based education methods” all in the name of “correct” and “on-time” progress. This is deeply resonant and succinctly expressed.

It’s resonant in that my own experience lies in models that try to both hold connection/relationship and compliance simultaneously in hand and with equal weighting. It’s a noble pursuit, but an approach that may be extremely difficult to achieve, even with the best of intentions (and at great cost not only of resources, but also to human beings). Especially when bureaucracies, advocates (for the already privileged), and attorneys are pushing toward compliance.

Thank you for this series. What we need has a way of showing up at the right time. And it’s food for my mind and soul. I’m looking forward to more. Thank you.

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