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As per usual, straight to the heart of the matter. True leadership achieves an exalted degree of access to their will and an exalted ability to make decisions in accordance with their capability to accept, truly, the reality of what lies before them and within them, which in turn grants further permission into the nature of reality itself which is inherently paradoxical. My view is that 2e people have earned this 'signature' and this capability, this being-ness which permits a superior attendance to the truth, from successful periods of initiation and spiritual development in other lifetimes. The question at hand, to me, is how society will create space, support, and encouragement for these leaders to rise. Certainly, their platform will not be built on the detritus of a failed system.

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A hurdle I see is “fulcrum” and “center” remain synonymous with those who do not, cannot, or will not acknowledge how the power is distributed and concentrated in relation to the fulcrum not being eqidistant and in the middle. Descartes, a neurodivergent, also realized this?

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