I'm Dr. Jade Ann Rivera; for nearly fifteen years, I've designed, launched, and led micro-schools in Oakland, CA, where I provided unique and engaging strength-based learning environments that children adored. 

I am an abolitionist educator (Love, 2020), meaning I’m committed to redesigning the school experience as one of healing and liberation for all children, particularly those harmed or held back by the current educational structures and assumptions.    

My work focuses on neurodivergent children, specifically twice-exceptional children: quirky beings with minds that make sense of the world differently from others their age or those who need an unusual amount of scaffolding to accomplish simple-looking tasks, yet inspire us with boundary-pushing insights and creations.

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My training in Nonviolent Communication and my Montessori credential inspire my educational philosophies and practices, including strength-based pedagogy, project-based learning, dual-differentiation strategies, and gradeless classrooms.

Micro-schools are a viable strategy for meeting the unique constellation of neurodivergent children's needs. When developing solutions to equity problems inherent in our current educational models, micro-schools are a piece of the puzzle. Meaning we, in partnership, must design systems that care for the intellectual, physical, and spiritual well-being of all members of our community equally; freedom and liberation are my most firmly held values regarding education. 

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Love, B. (2020). We want to do more than survive: Abolitionist teaching and the pursuit of educational freedom (Illustrated). Beacon Press.

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